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Creating Your First Character in WOW

It’s a bit cruel of Blizzard that of all the tough decisions in the game, choosing a server, your character’s race, and your class is the first step you take in the game. You can spend hours choosing what’s right for you.

Choosing a server

As for choosing a server, try to create a character on a game world with a medium to high population level, as this will be the most comfortable for you to play. Avoid servers with “New Players” or “No Space” in the population column. You want a server with a normal, established number of players, not one where you’ll be waiting in line to join.

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Leveling up your character

Leveling up your character from the start is certainly time-consuming, but it can also be a great “side project” for you. Furthermore, the most hardcore WoW players don’t just play one class, they have multiple max-level characters that they periodically switch between, as each has their own unique style, which is especially noticeable during combat.

If you don’t want to level up your hero yourself, you can ask a professional for help for a small reward. Buy WoW boost, so that your game becomes more lively and interesting.

Choosing a class

For current and returning players, choosing a class is a big decision, as each class is slightly different from the other. For example, Feral Druids manage two energy resources to use their abilities in combat, while also applying bleed effects to the target.

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Good Feral Druids have a good sense of timing, which helps them keep track of when these effects are active and refresh them. This is very different from Frost Mages, who freeze enemies in place, dealing constant and reliable damage. Many people recommend watching educational videos for your class and specialization, which are abundant on the Internet, to understand it even better.