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Is It Worth Changing Rubber to Polyurethane?

Non-genuine spare parts can be very different from the parts installed on the conveyor. Many manufacturers offer polyurethane bushings, promising serious benefits over rubber. Let`s see how true their statements are.

What is a bushing?

Bushings are used at the joints of suspension parts. They absorb the loads that occur during the working stroke of levers, shock absorbers and stabilizers. With timely replacement, the rubber-metal hinges improve the handling of the car, reduce steering wheel vibrations when passing bumps, and also dampen noise and vibrations. Breakdowns are manifested in rumbling, creaking and other unpleasant symptoms of undercarriage wear.

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Is it worth changing rubber to polyurethane?

Most bushings are made of natural rubber. Still, advantages of polyurethane in the suspension come from its rigidity. By replacing natural rubber with synthetics, you will get the following favours:

  • Extend the service life of rubber-metal hinges.
  • Improve handling on roads with high-quality pavement.
  • Increase stability when driving through bumps, reduce body rocking.
  • Reduce costs — high-quality synthetic parts are cheaper than the original rubber ones.

Original or non-original?

When creating a new car, engineers calculate the characteristics of each of its parts. To do this, they use operational tests and computer simulation technologies. As a result, all assembly units work as a single system. Many manufacturers use polyurethane in combination with rubber in the suspension, which allows you to get the desired driving characteristics and slow down wear. These advantages can be preserved only when installing original parts or substitutes manufactured in strict compliance with technology. Reliability of non-original parts is in question: there are situations in which they are inferior to rubber.

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Another option is to refine the suspension in a specialized tuning studio, which can calculate the consequences of installing polyurethane silent blocks and select parts with optimal characteristics.